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Each client and each job can track a threaded series of messages, called notes. Sometimes notes are automatically added to indicate status changes. You can manually add notes to remind yourself, or communicate to other administrators, information about clients or jobs.

How to

In a web browser, connect to the HQueue server (http://hostname:5000/). Hover over the menu icon, then click Notes.

  • The notes page shows single notes, sorted by the most recent.

  • To get the URL of a news feed of recent notes, right-click the feed icon and choose Copy link.

To… Do this
Start a new message thread On the notes page, click Add note.
Delete a note
  1. On the Notes page, turn on the checkbox at the start of the note’s row.(You can turn on multiple checkboxes to delete multiple notes at once.)
  2. Click the Delete selected button below the notes table.
Delete all notes Click the Delete all button below the notes table.

You can also access notes from the Clients and Jobs pages.

To… Do this
View or edit the notes on a client from the clients page Click the note icon for the client in the client table.
View or edit the notes on a job from the jobs page Click the note icon for the job in the job table.

Notes table

Column Description
checkboxes Allows you to select a note. You can apply actions to selected note(s) using the buttons below the list.
link A link to the job or client the note is attached to. If the note is not attached to a job or client, this cell is blank.
Date The date when the note was created.
Note The text contents of the note.
Reply Click to reply to this note.
View Full Thread Click to view the message thread this particle note is a part of.